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Personal agency LINTAR s.r.o. has worked on the market since 2018. It secures labor force for some of companies in the Czech Republic with quality service 24/7. 

Employees must go through careful selection. They have really good working ethics and they appreciate the job. Most of them are from Ukraine or Hungary, but our company employs Czech Slovakian and Polish people too. 


Predominantly our company focuses on the manufacturing sector and with its offer covers all the Czech Republic-especially west and south Bohemia. Pilsen Region is place with a lot of industrial zones and occupational opportunities in a lot of departments. You should save time with us and get a professional partner for counseling in the area of human resources.


LINTAR s.r.o. offers for companies the same services as pernament placement, temporary help, etc.

You can find more information in section services.


Permanent Placement – HPP

Do you need to find appropriately candidates to occupy your jobs in your company? This service includes everything from personal counseling through choice and testing to reccomendation the quality candite. We will find you the right people for all the position from loborer, through operators, administration, skilled crafts to middle management, especially in these specializations:


  • Automotive
  • Electronic and Electrical industry
  • Consumer industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Construction 
  • Engineering industry
  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • Shop FMGC


Acquisition for you

You save your time, energy and costs your HR departments which related with all selection process.

You pay after successful search and amberkation the employee.

We provide a gurantee for the employee for first six months.

Our services does not finish after succesion the employee, we provide you our systematic care.

Temporary Help

Temporary help is temporary assistance in all the places, where is emerging need of flexible labor force. We will secure you workers in time, when you do not have enough of them. For example in seasonal peak.

We will care about qualified choice from the rank of our employees. We will secure complete personal and wage agenda. We charge you pre-arrange rate for the execution of the service.


Acquisition for you

You will have just labor force, which you will need.

You can hold only the most important employees in tribal state.

We will care about all the coverage of administrative and labor processes and manufacturing and business peaks.

The difficult recruitment of your own staff does not exist, there are only the most important employees in your tribal state.

Your search costs, selection and training your employees are free.

The leadership of wage and personal agenda does not exist.

Costs of flexible labor force are not in labor costs, because we charge them as provided services. Troubles with redundancy incompetent and inappropriate employees during the test time do not exist,too.

An exchange the employee to another one is really quickly. Compensation could be carried out in a few hours.


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